Story Behind the Song "Little Girl" 

Little Girl


Christy Bruneau

    I wrote the song Little Girl about 20 years ago when I was teaching elementary school in San Diego. The underlying meaning of the song was about how often we are focused on dictating what we want for our children instead of letting them connect to themselves and let their own purpose unfold. The song was a reflection partly on on my own life and what I was watching in our education system. I was named after a book entitled Christy about a teacher. It was my mother's passion to become a teacher and she insisted on that being my passion as well.  However I wanted to sing, write songs and dance. I didn't want to teach. But there I was teaching elementary school watching my students trudge through the boring writing assignments of 3rd & 4th  grade. There was literally no creativity permitted in schools at the time. We were hyper focused on 3 hours of reading instruction where most of my students were asleep with boredom, and so was I. That year I wrote a lot of songs including Little Girl as I watched my then students being dictated on who they should be on a daily basis through education.

     I recorded the Little Girl that year with my then band The Unknown Poets on my first CD Angels of Mercy. I later recorded it again for my 2nd CD Somewhere in the Middle. I hope it inspires others to follow their own purpose, connect to themselves and not get stuck in someone else's plan that was dictated to them from birth. I hope this song reminds us that we can connect to ourselves anytime, not matter our age. It's never too late to look within and ask "What do you wanna be..? Our daydreams need never be interrupted with insults. They are always ours to keep, to connect to, to explore, to innovate with, our entire lives. 


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