Story Behind the Song "Little Girl" 

Little Girl


Christy Bruneau

    I wrote the song Little Girl about 20 years ago when I was teaching elementary school in San Diego. The underlying meaning of the song was about how often we are focused on dictating what…

The Story Behind the Song "Pray" 

The Story Behind the Song 


Christy Bruneau

     I wrote the song "Pray" right after my father passed away. It was one of the quickest songs I have written. It came to me in about 10 minutes. Being in a…


Big Bad World

I am working on my next recording right now, which I plan to release in Jan. 2020.  It's a song written to remember a young student at the middle school I taught, Ahlyja Pinson, who was murdered by a gang…



I have been writing for the past 25 years. I was often told that my grammar sucks.  And it did and does.  So I started writing poetry and then songs. I am not sure if I consciously started writing poetry…