American History 2000 by Christy Bruneau

American History 

Christy Bruneau 

April 2000 

The lies of history have weaved their way through the hearts and minds of our American culture 

The coil wound too tightly is starting to unravel 

No more one sided facts which are told by diluted politicians who say “THE JAPANESE ATTACKED WITH OUT WARNING!” Dec. 7, 1941. Men who are born to a privileged white world stricken with 

Fear of Difference 

Fear of Loss 

Fear of Peace 

No more written pages that beat out the true life of those so ferociously that many American natives sit broken spirited and dead inside on the reservation awaiting their freedom to the spirit world 

Be prepared in this unraveling to crack open the hardened communist fearing heart in yourself which has been injected into you without your permission

Run Naked by Christy Bruneau 1998 Art by Kelly Wilke